AV Blend Fat /
Yellow Grease Feed Grade



AV Blend Fat / Yellow Grease is a product produced from the recycling of used cooking oil. It is utilized as a high energy feed additive in various livestock rations.


Bulk Shipments

Feed Fat Specifications

  • Moisture: 1 % (Max)
  • Impurities: 0.50% (Max)
  • Unsapoinfiable: 2.50 % (Max)
  • Free Fatty Acids: 90% (Min)
  • Linoleic Value: 20% or greater Iodine Value 90 (Min)
  • AOM: Less Than 20.0 Meg/Kg
  • Pesticide: N.D. PCB N.D

Contains no Cottenseed Oil or By-Products
Stabilize with Santoquin